Who We Are

PRPL is a full-service firm based in the heart of commercial and trade capital of the Philippines. Our head office is located in Makati, Metro Manila, with satellite bases in Taguig and Quezon City.

We strive on the appropriate representation of the expertise and experience that we have gained in the field. Since the days of when PRPL was founded, we have been offering cost-efficient and strategic services to a wide variety of Clients for equally diverse concerns; ensuring excellence in delivery of pragmatic advice, while keeping up with the exacting demands of the global economy.

The Firm offers innovative and efficient commercial and legal consulting services, business solutions and full representation. With the use of our modern and advanced practices, we fully maximize the use of infotech and agile digital tools to efficiently cater to Clients internationally.

Your Success, Our Priority

Embracing diversity and the often-contrasting positions between state regulators and global innovators, PRPL have provided ingenious solutions to corporate Clients to ensure adherence to state requirements and evolving regimes, while ensuring a delicate balance between state compliance and corporate success.


Agility and Innovation

PRPL has proudly served industry innovators and Clients globally through the following specializations:

– Trade
– Intellectual Property Policy Reformation
– Domestic Statutes
– Commercial Transactions and International Procurement
– Assisted Negotiations and Arbitration

The Firm has assisted the most diverse of Clients, providing each with the top calibre of representation and globally competitive business solutions. We have been given the honor of representing Clients ranging from industry and Government leaders, to Government institutions, IT start-ups, infotech firms, manufacturers, consulting firms, infrastructure developers, among many others.


Strategic Benchmarking

As active members of the global community, PRPL has been actively participating in innovation and knowledge conferences as subject matter experts and key speakers in various fora. This involvement include topics ranging from corporate transformation, intellectual property protection, commercial tourism, intenational arbitration, and corporate responsibility vis-à-vis compliance and sustainability. We believe that with every step of our involvement in these key areas, we continuously pave the way to connecting our Clients with the everchanging global arena.



As consultants and legal counsel, PRPL have successfully assisted our Clients in complex legal and commercial concerns such as, but not limited to:

– Corporate Compliance, Registration and Regulation
– Taxation and Duty Compliance and Appeals
– Trade and Intellectual Property Protection
– Commercial Contracts and State Procurement
– Commercial Negotiation and Arbitration
– Family Relations, Immigration and International Corporate Relations
– ICT and Infrastructure Procurement and Management
– Property Relations and Acquisition for Individual and Corporate Clients
– Criminal and Civil Prosecution and Defense for Individual and Corporate Clients


Innovation and Transformation

With our undeniably broad experience and knowledge in key statuses and regulations in the Philippines and in foreign jurisdictions, we have lent our expertise to state decision makers as consultants and technical work group experts. Our partners and associates have represented the interest of state leaders and their agents, ensuring full representation and pursuit of the best outcomes for complex concerns and challenges.

These engagements have resulted in policy transformation in the nation and international engagements which continue to benefit stakeholders today.

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